In 2009, CIOCCOLATITALIANI gave life to the innovative “made in Italy” bar and restaurant service format completely dedicated to the cult of chocolate.

Founded by Vincenzo Ferrieri, with the first flagship store on Via De Amicis in Mi-lan, today
CIOCCOLATITALIANI has 36 sales points, between direct and franchising, of which
22 are in Italy and 14 in international locations .

In ten years, CIOCCOLATITALIANI has succeeded in creating a new brand of
Italian excellence through amazing growth and steady expansion in key international markets.
Underlying the project is an acute business vision: starting of course with
the immortal seduction of Chocolate, the headlining product, while considering the perfect
appeal to every season, highlighting its many facets, and above all else reasoning from the
beginning a business model replicable on all sca- les and at all latitudes.